By tour #6 we've got a backpack for couples as a gift from us

Bicycle Tour Prices: T. #1a €39.- /$55.- /£32.- at least w. 3 peopleT. #1b €49.- /$69.- /£40.- at least w. 2 peopleT....

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Explore Istanbul's Historical Peninsula

by Cycling for Leisure with Pleasure

(Radio guided w. breaks)

I'm a Licensed Tour Guide for English & German living in Istanbul/Turkey. Born in Cologne/Germany in 1968 and speak both English & German fluently as well as my mother tongue.

Have began this job with an age of 9 (seems unbelievable but I'll tell you why if you'll ask me when you come) years as guiding German guests first in Iznik City, which is an old Greek-Roman town where the first in 324 A.D. and the seventh -last- in 787 A.D. Bible Council has met for unity in the believe and is famous for its quartz ceramic world unique tiles, pottery and dishes where in British Museum and in lots of museums in Turkey they've been presented also.

After an education of 4 years for Electronic Engeneering, 4 years for a graduate of Business Management & Salesman and finaly 2 years of a graduate for Foreign Trade Salesman, have decided to make this funny job as my final decision, which enjoys and feels me better than doing anything else as an income bringing business even together with radio guided bycycle tours.

So I do bycycled & VIP tours and may we'll enjoy all the environment passing nearby with you dear Guests .